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Charter Sails offers a unique experience in day sailing charters  We believe not everyone who wants to spend a day on the water plans to be a sailor and yet there is a natural curiosity about sailing that the non sailor almost always expresses once aboard a sailboat. How does all this work? 

At Charter Sails we encourage our guests to ask questions and participate in the sailing process...what we call "crewing".  Even a first time sailor can participate and many of our guests do.  Our captains are American Sailing Associations citified instructors in all levels of sailing. They have the experience to explain, in very basic terms, how a boat sails and what you, as part of the crew, can do to help.  Our Captains can lift the veil of mystique that generally surrounds sailing and in a very short time you will understand how a sailboat sails.

Prime Time, our 34 foot Catalina sloop, is the ideal boat for learning the basics.  She is a single mast vessel with a main sail (the big one) and a jib (the smaller one in front of the mast).  Although much larger than our 22 foot teaching boats, she requires the same basic knowledge to sail yet she is comfortable and stable offering a positive experience to the first time sailor.  Because we  carry a maximum of six passengers everyone who wishes to crew can participate.  For those guests who have sailed on smaller boats, the Catalina 34 offers the experience of sailing a larger, heavier  vessel.

For those of you who sail with us only to relax and enjoy the sun and sea air, we have the boat for you.  For those of you want to try your hand at this legendary sport...welcome aboard!.  

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