American Sailing Association
What is the American Sailing Association?  The answer is best described in the association's  Official International Log Book:

"The American Sailing Association is dedicated to promoting safe recreational sailing in the United States byadministering an international recognized education system.  The American Sailing Association is an association of sailors, professional sailing instructors, sailing schools and charter companies.  The American Sailing  Association's education system consists of Certification Standards for students and instructors. These Standards are minimum requirements of knowledge and ability in safety and seamanship.  American Sailing Association Certification provides documentation of an individual's  achievement and is recognized by many national authorities, charter and insurance companies."           

Charter Sails is proud to be affiliated with the TRACEY SCHOOL located in Highlands, New Jersey The TRACEY SCHOOL is an American Sailing Association professional sailing training facility teaching all levels of instruction from Basic Keelboat  to Advanced Coastal Cruising through Coastal Navigation and Cruising Catamaran..

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